About us


Is the real


A not-obvious luxury swimwear line by designer Lina Benedetti who combines her nomadic life around world with the handcrafts collected in exotic lands.

Benedetta has redefined the code of swimwear-making, developing a unique technique with the artistry outcome of craftsmanship.

The line is a bohemian approach to beach life that captures the essence of a free spirit and represents the cross-culture of wanderlust society that appreciates the authenticity of local and remote towns.

We blend art and fashion to create our iconic swimwear with an easy-going yet sophisticated style.

Colorful pieces, textured with our signature stitching, speckled with rich handmade embroidery and ethnic traces in unique pieces that feel like found treasures of gypsy.

The Perfect


We love our flaws
it’s what make us one-of-a-kind

Our pieces tell a story through the threads and embroidery. Each garment involves several delicate handmade processes, so you may find variations and loose threads which are perfectly normal, that by no means compromise quality and overall design. As each piece is one-of-a-kind, we don't guarantee the color of linings.

A Benedetta should and must feel unique, therefore any variations only add value and character to the piece